Heal your life

We teach life saving tools to create balance and health in our clients. We address physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects that encourage emPOWERment and true HEALING. 


The only evidence-based Grief Recovery program in the world. An action-based, powerful, directed approach to healing from life's deepest heartbreaks.  Each of the 7 sessions teach specialized exercises that actively move the griever into a space of understanding loss and how to fully RECOVER from the pain and suffering.

Sessions are offered one on one via Zoom.

We use the EMOTION CODE technique to test for and clear energetic blockages for a more balanced and rewarding life. Sessions offered in person or remote.

YOGA classes. Physical movement, breath work, sound healing, and meditation are incorporated in our classes.  Offered one on one in your home or Zoom.


We offer a line of SPECIALTY CBD OIL BLENDS as well as a SKIN CARE line featuring organic ingredients and the star of the show, CBD oil!

Beach Yoga