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Emotion Code

To understand how energy healing works through the use of The Emotion Code™,

it is important to recognize that the body is

made of pure energy.  ​Every cell of the body is made of energy.

Thoughts, beliefs, memories, and emotions are also made of energy. ​When we understand energy and how it works, we can understand

how to effect change and how to create true health and wellness.

The Emotion Code system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson (Ret) is used to identify trapped negative emotions (energy) that are held in the body's energy field. 

These trapped emotions can cause energetic distortions and create emotional or physical imbalance. Identifying and removing negative blocks, subliminal programming, and old patterns, creates a higher vibrational state. It is possible to clear the way for optimal health, love and creative abundance!

Each session is unique based on the energetic needs of the client. The sessions usually last 1-1.5 hours. 

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Everything is Energy

The Emotion Code is a breakthrough method of self-help and self-healing! “I believe that the discoveries in this book can change our understanding of how we store emotional experiences and in so doing, change our lives.  The Emotion Code has already changed many lives around the world, and it is my hope that millions more will be led to use this simple tool to heal themselves and their loved ones.”

-Tony Robbins – World authority on leadership psychology

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Tune in. Tune Up

Underlying causes of physical and emotional concerns are

identified and released immediately using this revolutionary and patented system.

With an energy field clear of trapped negative emotions, the body begins its process of natural balance.

The client is then free to experience health and wellness as it was meant to be experienced. 

My Emotion Code Story

My interest in energy healing began when I was 12 years old. At that time, I did not understand that what I was experiencing had anything to  do with energy, I only knew that I wanted to help others with this form of energy medicine.

Fast forward 37 years to the updated and expanded edition of The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC (retired).

After reading a few pages of the content, I knew that this was the path I was meant to be on.

I absorbed the information and completed the training certification requirements and immediately began clearing energy! 

This modality is not only easy, it is informative and fun.  I enjoy helping clients understand more about their energy field and the importance of keeping them free from distortions caused by Trapped Emotions. This is true balance that leads to a happier and healthier life.   

Contact me today to schedule your Emotion Code Session. -TC